Descent 3 1.4 Bug List

I've compiled a list of bugs here that's roughly organized in order of importance and chronologically in the order I've received them (for the later entries.) Thanks to the following people for contributing to the thread:

Merlin, Solrazor, Deathwinger, garner_1, ZappaFan, larsch, Chunky, SoC, Testi, Goober, NoCat, Grim, Verran, Tank, Vertigo, [RS]max, Daguer, Solo, Krom, Valin Halcyon, DT, Mass, Meat, Krags, SPriest, Bigman, Spidey, BitSpit, Sirius, Lastshadow, patches, DCrazy, Santrix, SK-Punk, Stormcrow, Akuma, Sarge, Mobius, Frag Scorpion, Schplurg, Lanjoe9, Duperman, Teddy, bash, Moon, Wolf on Air, Krom, Flak, Pink Panther, Thunderbird, Ryujin, bash, Mr. Perfect, Roncli, substrate, Daguer, Vertigo Zero, Nirvana, Stresstest, Nagromme, Thunderbunny, Skyalmian

Note that Mr. Perfect has started a thread about Single Player Bugs which will better cover the Single Player Bugs because I know almost nothing about Single Player.

I did copied various things from different people's posts. Also I truly appreciate people's contributions. This list would be nothing without people actually reporting the bugs. =)

Bugs in the PC version and general bugs are labeled in GREEN
Mac bugs are labeled inBLUE

For more information on the Mac related bugs, check out Nagromme's D3 Mac Report

Certain bugs here are marked as FIXED . These bugs are ones that have definitely been fixed by Outrage in the latest beta build of the 1.5 patch. Note that some bugs may be fixed which aren't marked as such. If a bug has been fixed that isn't listed as fixed, let me know. Bugs marked as NOT FIXED have definitely not been fixed as of the latest beta I have. Entries marked as NOT A BUG either the bug doesn't exist and was misreported or it was supposed to be that way in the first place.

There are probably plenty of mistakes in here and I've probably left some stuff out. Feel free to send me comments and I'll update the list.

Here's a list of the times/dates of updates I've made along with the numbers of the entries I've changed:

12:00am PST 3-18-2003 Moved to

8:40pm PST 12-16-2001 #65

7:09pm PST 12-10-2001 #65, #125

4:49pm PST 12-02-2001 #128

3:53pm PDT 10-21-2001 #8, #40, #62, #63, #67, #74, #76, #124

5:31am PDT 10-16-2001 #126, #127

3:21pm PDT 10-08-2001 #124, #125

12:21am PDT 10-06-2001 #8, #123

11:16am PDT 10-03-2001 #103, #121, #122

7:17pm PDT 10-01-2001 #16, #42, #89, #120

3:04pm PDT 9-30-2001 #11, #12, #60, #106, #107, #108, #109, #110, #112, #113, #114, #115, #116, #117, #118, #119

9:44am PDT 9-29-2001 #14, #25, #94, #105

11:50am PDT 9-27-2001 #8, #104

12:17pm PDT 9-26-2001 #44, #68a, #68b, #78, #93, #102, #103

2:38pm PDT 9-25-2001 #8, #26, #64, #84

6:45am PDT 9-25-2001 #22, #23, #24, #31, #36 #53, #92, #93, #94, #95, #96, #97, #98, #99, #100, #101

2:24pm PDT 9-23-2001 #6, #7, #10, #20, #23, #24, #64

7:51pm PDT 9-22-2001 #89

2:53am PDT 9-21-2001 #54

9:25pm PDT 9-20-2001 #89, #90

8:03pm PDT 9-19-2001 #1, #2, #3, #5, #13, #24, #54, #66, #79, #80 #88, #89, #90, #91

9:27pm PDT 9-08-2001 #31, #44

2:39pm PDT 9-04-2001 #12, #87

6:51am PDT 9-01-2001 #82, #83, #84, #85, #86, #87

11:20pm PDT 8-30-2001 #28, #79, #80, #81

11:32pm PDT 8-04-2001 #44, #78

12:22am PDT 7-30-2001 #77

1:51pm PDT 7-27-2001 #76

10:37pm PDT 7-26-2001 #68, #69, #70, #71, #72, #73, #74, #75

1:31pm PDT 7-25-2001 #64, #65, #66, #67

7:58am PDT 7-19-2001 #15, #37, #47, #52, #57, #58

6:44am PDT 7-18-2001 #8, #53, #60, #61, #62, #63

7:34am PDT 7-17-2001 #44, #54, #55, #56, #57, #58, #59

9:04pm PDT 7-15-2001 #2, #4, #14, #15, #53

11:06pm PDT 7-13-2001 #21, #46, #47, #48, #49, #50, #51, #52

7:45pm PDT 7-12-2001 #44, #45

7:03pm PDT 7-12-2001 #2, #7, #12, #33, #37, #40, #41, #42, #43

The Bugs:

1. Name: PXO Problems FIXED

Problem: PXO chat and games crash a lot.

Trigger: Anything/Nothing/Whatever. Contact [MS]1Tech

Notes: Although this isn't technically a bug in version 1.4 of Descent 3 (although it could be related to a bug), it is the most important thing that needs fixing in this game. Some players are able to reproduce (cause) PXO crashes by doing certain things like logging in twice. Try contacting [MS]1Tech for more information.

2. Name: Vauss Bug FIXED


i. Vauss: Does no Damage. Not visible to the player being shot at. Only one stream is visible to the person shooting if in a Pyro.

ii. Napalm Cannon: Does no Damage even though the napalm stream is visible to the player being shot at.

iii. Omega Cannon: Does no Damage. Not visible to the player being shot at.

Trigger: Fire one of these weapons while holding down secondaries if secondaries are empty.

Notes: This happens 100% of the time and is most definitely a bug. It affects all the "continuous stream" weapons. Although it's a serrious bug, it's difficult to spot unless you know what you're looking for. This bug is adversely affecting many players and they don't even know it. These weapons send on/off packets to notify the server whether they're firing. But interestingly enough they send an "on" packet when you let go of secondaries and an "off" packet (or it stops sending on packets) when you either run out of secondaries or press secondaries when empty. It is not due to packet loss.

3. Name: Omega Damage Bug FIXED

Problem: Disproportionate shield damage from Omega Cannon which sometimes results in instant death.

Trigger: While firing omega, move quickly past someone's ship.

Notes: A possible cause may be that the Omega Cannon's damage is calculated by the number of streams on a ship and that if the shooter moves relative to the target, more hit areas exist and the game thinks there are more Omega streams.

4. Name: Checksum Bug

Problem: A windows client is unable to join a Linux server.

Trigger: A checksum mismatching. It depends on the level the server is running. Most levels work but some don't (ie Kata, Laserdeath).

Notes: It may have been fixed already but just not implemented in the windows version. Linux players currently can't play on windows servers, and windows
people can't play on (loki) linux servers. Icculus from Loki has already fixed this for the linux end. It's due to a "level checksum bug", which is due to a slight different in sqrt functions on linux and windows.

5. Name: Omega Energy Bug FIXED

Problem: Omega Cannon uses energy faster for people with higher framerates.

Trigger: A higher framerate.

Notes: A change in the fire delay on the Omega Cannon from .002 (500 times/sec) to somthing more like .025 (40 times/sec) may fix it.

6. Name: Tablefile Hack FIXED

Problem: Players can enter servers with modified table files.

Trigger: Cheaters. ;)

Notes: I'm not sure exactly what people can modify but to quote Testiculese "But don't remove the ability to have an external gam file altogether. I like my white supers and excessive napalm rocket trails and red flare and conc explosion sounds." Unlike Testiculese, I firmly believe that custom sounds, graphics, and table file settings of any kind are a form of cheating should be fixed.

7. Name: List Crash Bug FIXED

Problem: While viewing the in-game PXO server list, Descent 3 crashes.

Trigger: Sorting a list or clicking somewhere.

Notes: The cause of this bug is to sort the game list more than once before it has completely finished loading all of the games on the list.

To reproduce it, goto the game list and as soon as you can see the list hit sort by ping 3 times, one right after another. That will cuz it to crash. Now if you wait till the whole game list loads before doing this it will not crash.

8. Name: Demo Bugs

Problem: There are many glitches in demos.

Trigger: Specific triggers unknown. The following are all examples of problems that can happen with demo playback:

i. Mortar pushes don't show.

ii. Ships often change appearance in demo playback between a Pyro-GL and the ship that was actually used. NOT FIXED

iii. Sometimes ships are invisible during demo playback.

iv. Powerups are often "merged" together. So instead of seeing the accurate powerups in the level, you often see something like a fusion/smart missile combination NOT FIXED

v. Rear view does not work very often in demo playback. Sometimes it does, but other times it is stuck to your opponent's latest respawn point, or it is your opponent's rear view. FIXED

vi. Sometimes the demo full front view will experience the same problems as the rear view. FIXED

vii. Gets stuck with "press spacebar to continue" FIXED

viii. Demos recorded at high framerates play back slowly

ix. Levels with custom textures don't show up properly in demos. This is a problem with D3 loading the custom tablefile. FIXED

x. Ghost Ships. NOT FIXED

xi. Player Colors aren't displayed on the ship. FIXED

xii. A lot of the sounds don't work. NOT FIXED

xiii. Scores aren't displayed. NOT FIXED

Notes: The bigger the demo file, the more problems it seems to have.

9. Name: Packet Forcing Bug

Problem: A player can force tons and tons of packets through and shoot really reapid fire weapons. It has the side effect of raising your ping into 4 or 5 digits.

Trigger: Contact Skorpion ( for information on how to reproduce.

Notes: I've had it demonstrated to me where the player was shooting plasma and mass driver at the same time. It hurts the person who's exploiting the bug as much as it does the people he's using it on. It's nasty in that it just ruins Gameplay overall.

10. Name: NAT Bug NOT FIXED

Problem: The server player interacts normally. The other players appear to be stuck in their spawn points when they're really flying around. You're invulnerable to them. Dedicated servers are not seen if they are behind NAT equipment.

Trigger: You're behind a NAT firewall and you join a peer to peer game or run a dedicated server.

Notes: I'm behind a NAT router so I experience this first hand. Bigman says "On my router, I can direct any incoming packets on port 2092 to the machine I play d3 on/or the server. This is how I get my server to work with Gamespy/Kali/Direct tcp/ip. When I try to run a server on PXO, it starts up and communicates to PXO. Since I use NAT, my router converts source port of 2092 but the destination is still 2092. PXO reads the packet, sees that the destination port is different than 2092, lets say 5000. PXO then fowards the different destination port to all the players. Then the other players try to see my server via the other port number, 5000, but can't because that is the wrong port number. My router will only expect a reply back only from PXO on port 5000 (2092 will work too since it is mapped to go to that machine), but not from other IP addresses. It doesn't know where to send that port number on my LAN, or how to translate it. Only PXO is allowed to communicate back on port 5000. This also explains why we can only see the server player in a p2p non-dedi game.

Ways around this is to have PXO read the source port instead of the destination port, but this may cause problems with players that use NAT. Maybe an option to force PXO to use the port when using the -useport command line. Encode the port info somewhere in the packet so it doesn't get translated. Maybe add a -forceport option instead. Better still, have an -sourceport option so that it tells PXO to use the source port rather than the destination port."

11. Name: Mac Server Bug

Problem: PC's can't join Mac servers without crashing.

Trigger: Trying to join a Mac Server from a PC. =P

Notes: Big problem for Macs. It may be related to the checksum bug which will be fixed in 1.5.

12. Name: Mac Texture Problem

Problem: Mac players can't play certain levels with custom textures while others work.

Trigger: N/A

Notes: It's possible that this was not a bug in the game itself, rather a bug in the way the level designer implements the tablefile. Certain levels like Pyroglyphic just don't work. The textures don't. But I did some testing with a Mac friend of mine and he could see the textures in Chocobo world and the new team Pyroglyphic just fine. I guess the level author implimented the table files differently. The only problem is after a while it'd crash his whole computer. This seems to be a separate problem but it's also happening in levels with custom textures and only on Macs. Unfortunately I don't have any other Mac friends so I don't know if this is unique to his system.

13. Name: Mine Packets Bug

Problem: Mines cause lag.

Trigger: They send too many position packets.

Notes: Mobius says, "This applies to Mines and to the Monsterball in that mode. Non-moving objects and newtonian objects do NOT require to send a position packet except when bumped or exploding. See for a full description of what I had in mind to cure this problem."

14. Empty NOT A BUG

15. Name: Shift Bug

Problem: Game acts as if shift key is being held down in some areas and in other areas stuff just doesn't work.

Trigger: It seems to happen after using the shift key but not 100% of the time.

Notes: In F8 if you're typing a message and you use shift for caps it can get stuck and enter won't work. The only way to get out of it is to keep tying until it automatically rolls over. The Shift problem can also prevent spacebar from working when trying to respawn. Fix by pressing Shift+f9 twice. It brings the log up and then back down. For the F keys (F1, F2 etc) it acts as if the shift key is being held down and for some reason when I press escape to leave the game it makes me bank left instead. It could be related to the way windows handles the shift key (treats both as one). Maybe Descent 3 sees 1 shift key as 2 shift keys for some reason and then windows sees the 2 shift keys that Descent 3 gives it as one.

16. Name: Friend Kill Bug NOT FIXED

Problem: Kill a teammate even when friendly fire is on.

Trigger: Player dies (or goes to observer) with weapons he shot still flying around. It can damage and kill a fellow teammate.

Notes: When the player dies, the weapons are no longer tied to the team.

17. Name: BP MOD Crash

Problem: On server reset or when quitting the server, the client's game crashes.

Trigger: A player who does not have Mercenary is quitting a server where the mission has a table file that replaces some elements from extra.gam

Notes: Serial Murder Lullaby is an example. Pacbox had to leave the BP unmodded to prevent this and it ruins the atmosphere when a BP joins. Fixing this bug would help developers and level builders.

18. Name: Tablefile Cleanup Bug

Problem: Descent3 crashes often after exiting a mission with certain custom objects. Sometimes D3 leaves residue on servers of firing super pyros and plasma magnums.

Trigger: Descent 3 does not 'clean up' custom table files properly.

Notes: For the server crashes, apparently what happens is that it loads objects from d3.hog/table.gam, extra.hog/extra.gam, extra13.hog/extra.gam, mission.mn3/mission.gam and then it doesn't clean up memory correctly. It doesn't overwrite read-in entries entirely.

19. Name: Paging Data Error

Problem: Error when Paging Data from a file.

Trigger: Unknown

Notes: Possibly linked to a fault in Descent 3's inability to properly unload table files.

20. Name: Disappearing Reticle Bug NOT FIXED

Problem: Reticle disappears.

Trigger: Picking up new weapons or switching weapons in general. Possibly dying and respawning or using a menu.

Notes: May be related to a HOG corruption bug. Putting files outside of HOG might fix it. Being a server in a peer to peer game seems to increase it.

21. Name: White Box Reticle Bug

Problem: A white box appears on the reticle.

Trigger: Picking up new weapons or switching weapons in general. Possibly dying and respawning or using a menu.

Notes: May be related to a HOG corruption bug. Putting files outside of HOG might fix it. Using OpenGL increases risk. Happens on nVidia cards but doesn't seem to happen on ATI Radeon cards.

22. Name: Broken Reticle Bug NOT FIXED

Problem: The reticle gets jumbled up or disconnected.

Trigger: Picking up new weapons or switching weapons in general. Possibly dying and respawning or using a menu.

Notes: May be related to a HOG corruption bug. Putting files outside of HOG might fix it. The 3 reticle bugs may be related (or the same bug).

23. Name: Typing/Texture Streaking Bug NOT FIXED

Problem: Transparent textures and procedural textures get all weird and can streak.

Trigger: Someone on the screen is typing.

Notes: Maybe it has something to do with the transparency of the Keyboard? It happens in both Glide and Direct3D. Not sure about OpenGL but probably. The other guy's keyboard has to be in your field of view for it to happen. It doesn't happen when you type because you can't see your own keyboard.

24. Name: Napalm Transparency Bug NOT FIXED

Problem: Napalm from a Napalm Rocket is opaque with a black outline.

Trigger: Napalm over a transparent texture.

Notes: From some angles it looks normal, but from others the problem exists. This is very Ugly. =) This happened when I was using Glide. A good place to test it is the area in Kataclysmica that has a transparent floor with water under it. I noticed that with my voodoo3 it seemed a lot worse than with my voodoo5. It also happened in Direct3D on a Radeon.

25. Name: Framecap Issues NOT A BUG

Problem: -framecap command line option slows framerate too far.

Trigger: N/A

Notes: Krom says, "The reason I don't like to framecap function is because of the way it works. Say you have your framecap at 100, and your computer can only render 99 FPS, framecap will force your computer to only draw 50 FPS. Because framecap only supports deviding the framerate by 1/X so 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, etc. If you cant completely disable the framecap perhaps you can make it support diffrent deviders such as 99/120 or 443/1000, etc. In short even "-framecap 999" makes your computer wait to render a frame, so please find a way to tell D3 to stop waiting and get in gear." It turns out this is a limitation of the framerate indicator. The actual framerates aren't being limited.

26. Name: Single Player Custom Textures Bug FIXED

Problem: Custom Textures are not visible in a mission with custom textures.

Trigger: Save game with a mission that uses custom textures. Leave. Load game.

Notes: none

27. Name: Invis Napalm

Problem: Player catches fire from an area that does not appear to have napalm.

Trigger: Napalm is in a different place on the server from where it is on the client's screen. Can be caused by lag or loss or BOA/not being in the room when it was fired.

Notes: A possible solution is to broadcast the location the napalm rocket hits on the server via an extra packet so it lands in the same place on all machines.

28. Name: Red Guidebot Bug

Problem: Server Crash in Co-op game.

Trigger: BP releases red guidebot on a server without Merc.

Notes: To fix, include the Guidebot model or just make the table entry point to the blue Guidebot model. There may have to be a non-merc client in the game as well. Outrage is having trouble reproducing this one so any additional info would be great!

29. Name: Non-Dedicated Logo Bug

Problem: When joining a non-dedicated server, the logo of the server player in the f7 menu will show your picture instead of his.

Trigger: N/A

Notes: none

30. Name: Flare/Lighting Glitch

Problem: Flares leave behind lighting artifacts in cracks between faces.

Trigger: Flaring a lot and using the menus.

Notes: Not 100% reproduceable. I've had it happen in veins tunnels, in Snake Eyes, and in the lower tunnel in Indika.

31. Name: Player Linking Bug (Marek Bug)

Problem: Occaisonally a player's stats will be represented by another player name (who's not in the server anymore) in the f7 menu and on HUD mini-playerlist.

Trigger: unknown.

Notes: Happens more as the server is up for longer. For some reason it happens with Marek a lot. One time I saw 6 Marek's in a server. It has happened to me before as well. Substrate thinks it might be related to the game server receiving multiple join packets. If this is the case, then it would make sense that certain people with certain internet connections would experience it more often. Substrate observed it closely when it happened to him. He joined a game but 2 of him appeared in there with only one "copy" of him receiving the score. Both copies on the f7 list are highlighted as being you when this happens. Substrate theorizes that what causes a player to be represented by a different name is when the original person who duplicated leaves the server, and someone else joins with that color, the copy of the original player is still there and receives the stats. After this bug has taken place, the server will crash when rotating to the next level. May be related to #36

32. Name: MOD Auto-Downlaod Problems

Problem: Auto-download support for game mods is faulty. Impedes success of user-created multiplayer game modes.

Trigger: N/A

Notes: MODS must be auto-downloaded from Outrage's MOD site whereas levels can be downloaded from anywhere.

33. Name: Subway Co-op Crash

Problem: Crash in Level 4 (Subways) in Co-op C/S mode.

Trigger: A player collides with a train.

Notes: This does not always happen. Does not happen in Peer to Peer.

34. Name: Co-op Level Crashes

Problem: Levels 5, 11, 13, 14 all crash in co-op.

Trigger: Unkown

Notes: I haven't tested this.

35. Name: Waypoint Object Collision Bug

Problem: MODs are not notified when an object collides with a "waypoint" object.

Trigger: N/A

Notes: I don't know what this means but it sounds moderately serious.

36. Name: Double Respawn Bug

Problem: After entering a server and flying around a bit, the player suddenly respawns again. A ghost player is left behind. DCrazy typed it in caps

Trigger: Unknown (loss?)

Notes: Although this is extremely rare, I've had it happen a few times and Sarge complained about it as well. May be related to #31.

37. Name: Level 13 Completion Bug

Problem: On the CED Expediator level (Level 13), the Aft Matcen causes a bug where you can actually complete the mission without destroying all of the Stormtrooper bots. This is probably a data file problem.

Trigger: N/A

Notes: This is directly linked to how long you keep the Aft Matcen active before deactivating it.

38. Name: Level Change Homing Lock Problem

Problem: No lock warnings for homing weapons.

Trigger: Somteimes happens after a level change in the single player game.

Notes: Hasn't been noticed in multi. This problem seems to go away if you die, and may also sometimes go away seemingly on its own.

39. Name: New Pilot Training Mission Problem

Problem: When you make a new Pilot then go to New Game, you are forced to go to the Training Mission before you can select from a list of missions/campaigns to play. Workaround is to Quit the game when the Training Mission starts.

Trigger: N/A

Notes: This is probably intentional but can get annoying. What about having it only do this for your first pilot... or not at all would be good too. ;)

40. Name: Dedi Server Crash Problem FIXED

Problem: Dedicated servers that crash cause pop-up messages and the processes don't die.

Trigger: Server Crash

Notes: The provided information about the crash reason could be simply written to a log file instead. Or the popup window must close automatically after some time.

41. Name: Omega Freeze Problem

Problem: Screen freezes.

Trigger: Omega is fired.

Notes: It only happens with certain video cards. A possible solution would be to add a command line option to make the Omega invisible similar to -NoRenderWindows for the opaque window problem. [RS]Max says, "I have a NVidia Riva 128ZX with the latest drivers (yeah it's old but I have no money ) and It doesn't like the omega cannon. D3 runs fine until the omega is fired. Then the screen freezes up until the omega is turned off. This happens in D3D and in OGL. Also fog and power up halos have a similar effect when they are turned on in D3D, but they work fine in OGL. In the D3 demo1 the fog and power up halos worked fine under D3D. I don't care much about those special effects because they can be turned off. If they could fix the omega problem, or even add an option to make omega invisible so you can only see the sparkles it made, I would be very happy."

42. Name: Backwards Pyro Logo NOT FIXED

Problem: The logo on one side of both the pyro-gl and the black pyro is reversed (mirror image).

Trigger: N/A

Notes: This may be intentional but it's kind of annoying when you have words in your logo that need to be read.

43. Name: Flare Framerate Problem

Problem: Major framerate hits.

Trigger: Flares stuck in the wall in the room.

Notes: This isn't really a bug but it can make the game unplayable for some people. It might be partly because of the flickering of the flares. Maybe a -noflareflicker or a -norenderflares option would be the ticket.

44. Name: Backwards Mirror Bug NOT FIXED

Problem: See the front of your ship in a mirror when you're looking out the small rear view.

Trigger: N/A

Notes: Kinda weird but not that big of a deal. Does not apply to the large full screen rear view. But if you're in full screen rear view mode, and you look out of your small rear view (which is now your front view) into a mirror, you see the back of your ship, which should now be the front of your ship.

45. Name: Custom Object File Crashes

Problem: Levels with custom objects crash.

Trigger: Unknown

Notes: none

46. Name: Co-op Music Bug

Problem: Only the first player who enters the mine in CO-OP will get the music right. Everyone else will get the level 1 Music.

Trigger: N/A

Notes: none

47. Name: Level 8 Problem

Problem: In Level 8 Retribution, the 3rd cooling tower locks.

Trigger: The heat-sink being destroyed on the 3rd cooling tower.

Notes: This isn't so much a bug as it is an oversite. In single play this is fine. But in coop, there is no way to get in if someone is outside. It seems that you always get some dude in there that rushes gungho! into the situation without thinking or they don't know the mine.
Perhaps the door can unlock/open from outside but not inside. This is a data file issue.

48. Name: Guidebot Menu Crash

Problem: The game crashes without warning in level 9 Retribution.

Trigger: Bring up the guidebot menu about 7 or 8 times.

Notes: Can happen even if you're not hosting. Duperman was able to replicate it twice.

49. Name: Level 5 End Problem

Problem: Level 5 Retribution doesn't end and continue to level 6. The countdown completes and nothing happens.

Trigger: N/A

Notes: This isn't really a big deal until it's hosted on a server instead of a player. You can't just "end level".

50. Name: Manual Control Powerup

Problem: In Mercenaries level 4 there is a guidbot power up in the top level, up the middle hall over a pool and past a bot generator on the left. Also on the left there is a set of portals. The second set on the left has it. It is a joystick and is called a "Manual Control" powerup. when it is activated the GB says "be gentle" but nothing happens.

Trigger: N/A

Notes: none

51. Name: Level 13 Stormtrooper Crash

Problem: Game Crashes in level 13 Retribution.

Trigger: Happens when Storm Troopers are all dead.

Notes: Duperman isn't 100% sure about this one.

52. Name: CED Juggernaut Engine Trouble

Problem: The engine shutdown isn't logged on the objectives screen as "completed". When you go through the blast chamber, the ship continues to shake and move even though the engines are off. This is a data file issue.

Trigger: N/A

Notes: None

53. Name: 32-bit Problem

Problem: Color depth gets reset to 16-bit even if previously set on 32-bit

Trigger: Starting a level.

Notes: pATChes11 reports having dithering even when 32-bit mode is set.

54. Name: Fusion Bug FIXED

Problem: Overcharged fusion does not cause damage to the person charging.

Trigger: Affects any client in a Peer to Peer game.

Notes: none

55. Name: Guidebot menu overlap-bug

Problem: When you come up with the GB menu the list of commands is so long that the last entry reaches below the cancel button into the menu border so you can hardly read it.

Trigger: Bring up the guidebot menu in a level with a lot of objectives (like level 14)

Notes: None

56. Name: Old Scratch/Napalm Bug

Problem: When Old Scratch steals Napalm Cannon and you get it back, it's full with 50 liters.

Trigger: n/a

Notes: None

57. Name: level 12 key-bug

Problem: The objective, "acquire the level 4 key" is listed as incomplete and it is impossible to leave the level even when the level 4 key is acquired.

Trigger: unknown

Notes: Doesn't happen all of the time but it happened to Moon several times. This is a data file issue.

58. Name: Homunculus Bug

Problem: Level 6 doesn't end even after defeating Homunculus.

Trigger: unknown

Notes: Doesn't happen all the time.

59. Name: Multiplayer Glass Bug

Problem: Breakable glass doesn't break in multiplayer.

Trigger: unknown

Notes: I've heard reports of it primarily in the Merc levels (where you have to go in the air ducts)

60. Name: Custom Object Limit FIXED

Problem: The custom object limit is too low for optimum MODability

Trigger: N/A

Notes: While technically not a bug, many view it as a problem. The low limit greatly hinders MOD development which is an important part of any game.

61. Name: OSRIS Problems

Problem: Several functions only have handlers for one of the MSafe function calls (GetSetting and CallFunction)

Trigger: N/A

Notes: None

62. Name: Observer Problem NOT FIXED

Problem: People can go into observer and back out again to fill up on shields. People can't go into observer from the death screen.

Trigger: N/A

Notes: The current limit is 50 shields. If you have below 50 shields, you can't go into observer. When you leave observer you start as if you had just spawned from death. Although this isn't a bug, it is abused by some people. Possible solutions include raising the limit to 100 shields and possibly enabling entering observer mode on the death screen. Currently, on the death screen, you get "not enough shields to enter observer mode." If the limit is 100 shields and you can go to observer on the death screen, people who actually use observer mode productively won't be hindered at all. They can go into observer right when they join a game or when they want to take a break and watch for a bit (but not when someone's about to kill them).

63. Name: Shaking Bug NOT FIXED

Problem: Shaking (as a result of MD, Black Shark, or Afterburner) happens more rapidly for some people.

Trigger: Higher framerates.

Notes: I tested this, and although it does appear to be more rapid, it doesn't make your ship turn around or anything (like D2). I'm not sure if it affects aiming much at all. Either way it's not that big of a deal.

64. Name: Problem FIXED

Problem: is first on the multiplayer list.

Trigger: N/A

Notes: Not only does it minimize the game (often causing a crash) but no longer exists so it's pointless to have that option anyway.

65. Name: Mouse Polling/FPS Bug

Problem: Mouse buttons (and joystick buttons bound to keyboard keys) don't hold down properly resulting in some wacky stuff.

Trigger: High FPS (over 150-200)

Notes: With high framerates, the mouse buttons are not polled correctly in D3. The game thinks that the mouse button is being held down and let go of inbetween frames. The problem affects any graphics rendering device. We previously believed it only affected Glide, but I have managed to reproduce it in OpenGL as well in a low polygon test level. At this point, realistically only Glide players are going to be affected by it in real game situations because OpenGL and Direct3D framerates don't get high enough in Descent 3. But as graphics accelerators get faster, this little bug could become more and more of a problem. It doesn't happen with framerates lower than 150fps so capping framerates at 150 is a workaround for it. The bug makes it impossible to charge fusion because D3 thinks you've let go of the mouse button and fires the fusion while you're charging. It also makes it impossible to zoom with the MD, and if afterburner is being used on a mouse button, it will sputter on and off really fast resulting in a sluggish feeling and the sound of the afterburner going off in sort of a rapid fire. Bash thought it was his sound card overloading because of all the afterburner sound at once, but this isn't the case. It doesn't have anything to do with sound (except that it produces sound). As with the afterburner, constant stream weapons such as the napalm cannon and omega cannon are affected in a similar way. It's not so noticeable with lasers because repeatedly hitting the fire key would produce a similar result to holding it down. Testiculese, Thunderbunny, and Birdseye have all reported having problems with this bug.

Interestingly enough this problem affects joystick buttons bound to keyboard keys through the sidewinder software in the exact same manner. So it must have something in common with the mouse...

66. Name: Fog Glitches

Problem: Fog is opaque from certain angles.

Trigger: Unknown

Notes: It's noticeable in the top in core when you're on the dead end side of the mirror. It's also quite apparent in the upper area in Chasm with the Orange Fog and the secret door. I've heard that the problem does not happen with OpenGL but I'm not sure. I was using Glide when I experienced it.

67. Name: In Game Private Messages Problem FIXED

Problem: In-game private messages only display on the screen of the person receiving the message.

Trigger: N/A

Notes: It's hard to tell if the message was sent correctly. If it sends, it should display on both player's screens. If it doesn't then it should say "PlayerX isn't in game" or something like that.

68a. Name: Missile View Saving Problem FIXED
Problem: The F2/General/Missile View setting (left right or center) in does not save.

Trigger: N/A

Notes: The option has been removed in 1.5. As it turns out it wasn't supposed to be there in the first place. It is, however, possible to turn it back on by manually setting it in the registry. #68a and #68b are not related. I just accidentally numbered 2 as #68.

68b. Name: Merc Level 7 Bug

Problem: Ordinarily in Mercenary level 7 you got to place a bomb on the delivery pad. As
soon as you've placed it and gone down the main elevators arriving at
the door with the boss bot behind, the bomb goes off automatically
and you can enter the boss room. Sometimes the bomb does not trigger and you can't use the elevators to get down.

Trigger: Unknown

Notes: It's happened to Moon but is not 100% reproduceable. It could be some sort of scripting problem. #68a and #68b are not related. I just accidentally numbered 2 as #68.

69. Name: Ghost Bots

Problem: The player will be attacked by a robot that does not exist, or can't be seen. Not sure wich.

Trigger: Unknown.

Notes: These ghosts are usualy "contact" bots, but ghost squids have also been reported. Seems it can happen on any level, both in Retribution and Merc. The robots are usualy identifiable by their attack sounds, which play during the attack. After-burning away a few rooms usualy seems to leave the ghost behind. The damage done by the ghost is much higher then normal.

70. Name: Music Bug

Problem: Music turns off completely

Trigger: Entering an area of the mine that should trigger a new portion of the song.

Notes: Mr. Perfect has this problem in Merc level 1. The music stops after flying above the Reactor into the escape tunnels. Some people have reported it in other levels. Going into the sound control and turning the music level to 0 and then back up will jump start the missing music section, but it will only play once before returning to silence. Only the one area of the mine is affected, returning to another "music area" starts that area's music section normaly.

71. Name: Hoard Orb Singleplayer Bug

Problem: A hoard orb sometimes appears in Single Player.

Trigger: Death. Emerges with rest of spew.

Notes: Doesn't happen often. The orb can't be picked up for what ever reason. No HUD message comes up after running one over. This has happened to Mr. Perfect in level 15 after dying in a fully-stocked Magnum. He's also had the problem in Top Hush, with the same ship and load out. It could be related to the magnum or those levels.

72. Name: AB cooler Quad Laser Bug

Problem: AB cooler turns into a second Quad Laser.

Trigger: Launching the Guidebot in Level 15.

Notes: This happens 100% of the time in a Magnum. Not sure about other ships.

73. Name: Guidebot/Fan Problem

Problem: Guidebot gets stuck.

Trigger: Flying by and getting sucked into a fan.

Notes: This is only a problem when he gets sucked down the two fans in Merc level 3 that cannot be destroyed. Either making all four fans destroyable so the GB can be rescued or making them weaker so he can fly out could both be solutions. Or if you want to make the solution newbie-proof, have a grate-like covering over the tops of the fans. The grates could be made to explode along with the fans the player is ment to destroy.

74. Name: Surface Cannon Bug FIXED

Problem: Surface Cannon in Level 10 kills people in observer mode

Trigger: Flying in front of it in observer.

Notes: none

75. Name: Cartridge Respawn Bug

Problem: Data Cartridge does not respawn in level 3.

Trigger: dying

Notes: none

76. Name: VSync/Framerate Problems NOT FIXED

Problem: Controls are sluggish. They take longer to respond.

Trigger: High framerates with VSync on.

Notes: This is actually just a side-effect of bug #124. Vsync caps the framerates and the slower framerates cause the ship to be less responsive.

77. Name: Hud Name Save Problem FIXED

Problem: HUD Name level settings get saved at a lower setting than what the person selected.

Trigger: If you're set on a higher hud name level than the server, it will automatically bump you down, but after you leave the game you're still bumped down.

Notes: An example would be Bob has his hud name level set to "full" but he joins server 1 which has it set to "team only". He leaves server one and goes to server 2 which is set as "full" but Bob is still only on "team only" because that's the last server he was on. This is a problem because most people don't use hud names because of the hassle of setting it every time you join a full hudname server and this gives an unfair advantage to the people who take the time to max it out every time.

78. Name: Pilot Command Line Bug FIXED

Problem: Pilot keeps switching after you leave a game.

Trigger: If you set a default pilot using the -pilot command line switch.

Notes: It lets you select an alternate pilot on the menu but keeps changing it back. This behavior should either be described in the readme description of the command line option or fixed.

79. Name: Team Stats Name Problem FIXED

Problem: In stats files of team games it doesn't list which team people are on.

Trigger: N/A

Notes: Color is displayed in the end game stats.

80. Name: Team Scores Problem FIXED

Problem: In the stats screen when the game ends, the score in team games is not displayed.

Trigger: N/A

Notes: Score is displayed in the stats file.

81. Name: Game List Problem

Problem: Games appear and disappear from the in-game PXO game list.

Trigger: Unknown

Notes: This doesn't happen when the same list is viewed from Gate or GameSpy. Could it be related to the in-game list having a shorter time-out requirement?

82. Name: Monsterball Multiple Score Bug

Problem: One Monsterball score is counted multiple times

Trigger: Unknown. Maybe lag.

Notes: This is very rare.

83. Name: Server Window Scores Bug

Problem: With most Outrage MODs, the kills, deaths, and suicides columns are one character wide when $scores is used in the dedicated server console.

Trigger: N/A

Notes: None

84. Name: Demo Save Bug NOT FIXED

Problem: You can load a game that was saved while viewing a demo.

Trigger: N/A

Notes: Unlike multiplayer, while viewing demos the save game option is not disabled (as it should be). Loading a game saved from a demo viewing sometimes causes a crash.

85. Name: OSIRIS MSafe_ Problems

Problem: MSafe_ functions that should work for both MSafe_CallFunction() and MSafe_GetValue() only work for one or the other.

Trigger: N/A

Notes: none

86. Name: OSIRIS Obj_SetCustomAnim() Delay Problem

Problem: Obj_SetCustomAnim() doesn't work as expected with a zero delay for animation time

Trigger: N/A

Notes: You should be able to use it to set an animation frame instantly, but there isn't an exception handler for that. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. This is extremely annoying.

87. Name: Extra Files/Server Crash Bug

Problem: Server crashes.

Trigger: End of the level.

Notes: This happens in Earthshaker 2001 every time and is probably related to some of the extra files packaged with it.

88. Name: Black Pyro Engine Glow bug

Problem: Black Pyro's engines don't glow in the dark.

Trigger: N/A

Notes: The alpha channel should be set to 1 as it is for the other ships. This is easy to fix in the table file.

89. Name: Bump Mapping Problems

Problem: Sometimes only the bump map will show up and not the ship itself.

Trigger: Unknown

Notes: This happens when using a Geforce3 with Bump Mapping in Direct3D. Maybe d3 was only designed to do bump mapping with the Matrox cards?

Vertigo Zero originally reported it, but I had the opportunity to test the bug today on a Geforce 3 and I experienced the same problem in both multiplayer & singleplayer and in a bunch of different levels. His GF3 was a Visiontek and mine was an Asus. I tried it with both the Asus drivers and the Nvidia reference drivers.

Teddy says he has bump mapping problems on his Radeon. He can only see one ship bump mapped at a time except for the team color textures, and has similar lighting, and mirror problems to what happens on the Geforce 3. The Radeon doesn't seem to have the disappearing ship (bump map) only problem though.

Interesting Geforce3 Tidbits:

1. It affected robots too. Sometimes robots with multiple parts only had certain parts affected.

2. There seems to be 3 different forms: ship with bump mapping working correctly, ship with no bump mapping, and only the bump mapping but no ship. I only noticed the ship without bump mapping when I was in a dark corner in chase mode so only the engines were visible.

3. I noticed that sometimes when my ship becomes bump map only, the light maps in the rear view disappear.

4. When I was looking in a mirror in chase mode, my ship was ok, but the ship in the reflection was affected and only had the bump map.

5. I've noticed various little things that seem to affect it. Shooting flares seems to correct the problem for an instant and proximity to mirrors and/or procedural textures might affect it but I'm not sure.

90. Name: Transparency Glitches

Problem: At certain angles, transparent textures appear to be opaque.

Trigger: Unknown

Notes: This happened on a Geforce3 and a Geforce2 in Direct3D. It may be related to bug #24 or bug #66.

91. Name: Server Firing Bug

Problem: Pilot is unable to fire either primaries or secondaries or both... sometimes even flares.

Trigger: Might be related to some sort of continuous loss.

Notes: This is a really weird one. It's also very rare. I've only experienced it on server. I first noticed it when I was trying to fire my mass driver and it wouldn't fire. Firing secondaries seemed to get it going again. But then it stopped and I was having similar problems with vauss and the other guns. I tried it with lasers and they just wouldn't shoot for a long time but then suddenly it was as if it all came out at once really fast. I've seen similar things happen with loss but this was continuous and I had no problems flying around, seeing the other guy move, or picking up powerups. This might be related to bug #9 or bug #2.

92. Name: Omega Shield Bug FIXED

Problem: Shields don't light up when taking damage.

Trigger: Use Omega on someone.

Notes: This has already been fixed in 1.5. I just added it to let people know it was a problem in 1.4 and it's fixed in 1.5.

93. Name: P2P Omega Framerate Bug NOT FIXED

Problem: Major Framerate slowdown and/or freeze.

Trigger: As the host of a peer to peer game, fire omega on someone.

Notes: The framerate slowdown only applies to the host, and it only happens when he's using the omega on someone. It doesn't happen when he's firing at nothing. It's worse in the Black Pyro because of the triple stream. The framerate problem in the host causes the omega damage packets to be erratic so the damage comes in bursts to the guy it is being used on. A possible side effect may be that it results in bug #102 to happen more frequently.

94. Name: P2P Omega Through Wall Bug NOT A BUG

Problem: Player doesn't take damage when they should.

Trigger: As a client in a peer to peer game, have someone shoot omega at you through a thin wall or glass.

Notes: Ordinarily, Omega is supposed to go through walls and hit the guy on the other side. This doesn't work in peer to peer except on the host. It turns out it does work afterall.

95. Name: P2P Omega Leech Bug NOT FIXED

Problem: Player doesn't gain shields from using Omega on someone.

Trigger: A client in a P2P game usding Omega.

Notes: Ordinarily the Omega Cannon should leech shields off of your opponent.

96. Name: P2P Omega Lava/Acid Bug NOT FIXED

Problem: Player doesn't take damage from hitting Acid or Lava.

Trigger: Being a client in a P2P game.

Notes: It will damage the host but not the client.

97. Name: P2P Ping Problem NOT FIXED

Problem: Host doesn't see ping to other players.

Trigger: P2P game

Notes: In a peer to peer game pings are relative. Clients in a peer to peer game can see their ping to the other players and the hosts should be able to as well.

98. Name: Reticle/Anti-Grav Bug

Problem: Reticle Displays the Anti-Grav Message.

Trigger: Having more than 6 gunpoints on your ship.

Notes: none

99. Name: Custom Weapon Crash Bug

Problem: Crash

Trigger: Custom Weapons.

Notes: Nirvana says, "I have made a few custom weapons and have found serious limitations on what you can do before you get a crash."

100. Name: Ship Animation Problem

Problem: Ships can't have animations.

Trigger: N/A

Notes: This could be a bug or it could be intentional. But if it is intentional, why does the entry in the table file under the firing info contain an animation frame section? Nirvana has been able to do a $rotate animation on a ship but nothing else works.

101. Name: Missing Player Stats Bug

Problem: Player Stats disappear or don't get recorded.

Trigger: More than a certain number of different pilots (possibly 63) have been in a server at one time or another.

Notes: Any new players that come into the game are dropped from the list once they leave. It seems as if the maximum number of slots are taken up. When people leave and new players join, the slots of the people who left are dropped from the server. So you won't have the individual stats vs other pilots in the f7 list. I think it affects the stats file too.

102. Name: Buffer Overrun Bug NOT FIXED

Problem: Disconnection from server with the message "Reliable Buffer Overrun"

Trigger: Having the Omega Cannon used on you combined with lag.

Notes: We were able to reproduce this in peer to peer but not in client/server. We upped the pings to over twice what they were in the peer to peer game nad we still didn't get anything. We were able to boot clients being zapped by the host or clients being zapped by other clients. It could be worse when a Black Pyro is the one using the Omega because of the triple stream. Could be related to bug #93 and/or bug #41 in that the framerate slowdowns/freezes can cause lag in the packets being sent out.

103. Name: P2P Ping/Loss Indicator Problem FIXED

Problem: Can't disable the ping/loss indicator in Peer to Peer.

Trigger: N/A

Notes: You can disable it in all of the other server modes. People might want to disable it to see their framerate indicator which is blocked by it. Also there's no point in having the ping part of the indicator in peer to peer. Pings are all relative to the different people.

104. Name: Gunboy Bug NOT FIXED

Problem: Gunboy can shoot but not turn.

Trigger: Make it turn a lot until it stops.

Notes: If you keep getting behind a Gunboy, it'll eventually get stuck. I don't know what causes it. You can get it unstuck by banging it.

105. Name: Energy->Shield Converter Bug

Problem: Energy Shield Converter doesn't give shields but still drains energy.

Trigger: As a client, you haven't taken any damage that puts you below 100 since you spawned.

Notes: If you run into a wall or your shields are brought down below 100 in anyway, the converter will start working and bring your shields up to 200 if you have enough energy. If you pick up more shield orbs before you go below 100, and then take damage that doesn't put you below 100, it still won't work. You have to go below 100 before it'll start working. I tested this briefly in Face off (#300 Baud Entropy Level #1). I tested it in C/S and the bug doesn't seem to affect the server, but only clients. Using energy, afterburning, and shooting weapons doesn't seem to affect the bug so long as you don't dip below 100 while doing it.

106. F7 Bug NOT FIXED

Problem: F7 menu is shifted down so you can't see all the people in the game.

Trigger: Happens sometimes when a player joins.

Notes: It seems to happen in team games a lot. Maybe people just notice it in team games because it makes the teams look uneven. But when a player joins and the game decides he should go at the top of the F7 list, he appears above the list so you have to scroll up using the page up key in order to see him. I think f7 usually orders by kills so it probably only happens when a game is starting up and everyone has the same score so people who are joining won't automatically get put below the people who are in there. It only affects the red team because they're at the top of the list.

107. Name: Mac Hyper Anarchy Bug

Problem: Mac players can't join Hyper Anarchy games.

Trigger: N/A

Notes: If Mac players try to join a Hyper Anarchy game they get "Error Initializing Game Module". If they try to start one, it loads up normal Anarchy.

108. Name: Mac Robo-Anarchy Bug

Problem: Mac players can't join Robo-Anarchy games.

Trigger: N/A

Notes: If Mac players try to join a Robo-Anarchy game they get "Error Initializing Game Module" If they try to start one, it says the mission is incompatible with the selected multiplayer mode.

109. Name: Mac Taurus Bug

Problem: The level, Taurus (Fury 5) hangs in the middle of loading.

Trigger: N/A

Notes: This problem was introduced in 1.4 and only affects Macs. It will finish loading the level if you wait a few minutes but often it has timed out by then.

110. Name: Mac Acceleration Problem

Problem: Controls don't respond as quickly as they should.

Trigger: Having a non-combined axis on the mouse, controller, or joystick.

Notes: Nagromme says, "My guess is that perhaps the key ramping setting is supposed to affect controller buttons as well. But instead, controller buttons (which are the most common control affected by this bug) seem to always ramp at less than the top speed. This has been tested with a PC and Mac side by side for verification. This problem is especially common because it can affect any aspect of control--even one that supports a combined axis--when the player does not realize that they should explicitly specify a combined axis in Sprockets. So even though a hatswitch can theoretically be immune from the slowdown, many people have it configured to Up/Down/Left/Right separately, unaware that it makes a difference."

111. Name: Mac Pilot Info Problem

Problem: The "Get Pilot Info" button in PXO doesn't do anything.

Trigger: N/A

Notes: A button that does nothing shouldn't be their.

112. Name: Mac Mouselook Bug

Problem: Players can use Mouselook even on a server that has it banned.

Trigger: N/A

Notes: none

113. Name: Mac Turning Bug

Problem: Mac players can turn twice as fast.

Trigger: Pressing a turn key on the keyboard and turning with the joystick as well.

Notes: I don't know if this affects other motions or if it can happen when you have bound 2 turn keys on the keyboard (like the old afterburner bug).

114. Name: Mac Turning Bug

Problem: Mac players can turn twice as fast.

Trigger: Pressing a turn key on the keyboard and turning with the joystick as well.

Notes: I don't know if this affects other motions or if it can happen when you have bound 2 turn keys on the keyboard (like the old afterburner bug).

115. Name: Mac OS 8.5.1 Bug

Problem: Mac players with Mac OS version 8.5.1 or lower can't run D3.

Trigger: N/A

Notes: This bug was introduced in version 1.4. The error message they get is "InterfaceLib­Uptime could not be located."

116. Name: Mac Command Line Problem

Problem: Mac players don't have a D3 Launcher or a Command Line.

Trigger: N/A

Notes: They can't run dedicated servers or adjust the framecap among other things.

117. Name: Mac DALLAS Problem

Problem: Mac's can't run DALLAS Scripts.

Trigger: N/A

Notes: Mac's can't host games with levels that contain DALLAS scripts although they can join them which lets the host handle the scripts.

118. Name: Mac Level Auto-Downloading Problem

Problem: Level Auto-Downloading doesn't work on Macs.

Trigger: N/A

Notes: none

119. Name: Mac MOD Problems

Problem: Many MODs can't be ported to the Mac.

Trigger: N/A

Notes: Nagromme says "Probably the most important of all--there needs to be some way to port mods from PC to Mac. There are some amazing mods for D3, adding infinitely to the value of the game and providing entirely new types of game play. Frag Tag, Duel, Olympia Gold, Team Hoard and Inferno come to mind. Apple Corps has several programmers (I have CCed some) who have spent many hours working with D3 and user-built add-ons, and I amazed how much they have achieved working blind. On the PC side, many mod and add-on authors have approached me wanting their work to be Mac compatible. So there are plenty of people with the time and the will to port things to Mac, if only we had the capability. People have asked for a Mac SDK, but I doubt we'll ever get that--and although I don't do much programming of this type, I am hoping we don't even need it. We already have access to PCs and the PC SDK, and we have D3 for both platforms (and Linux). So if we could obtain just the Mac-specific pieces that we'd need to make use of the PC SDK, we'd be in business--we would not need any of the PC-based tools to be ported, since we can simply run those on Windows machines. In short, it doesn't have to be pretty--just possible! I realize that mod development on Mac would be entirely unsupported and unofficial--but the D3 community on both platforms is very eager to see this happen, and they are willing to put some sweat into it. They have already done so on the PC side, after all."

120. Name: Direct3D Pausing NOT FIXED

Problem: When using the Direct3D API, the screen momentarily freezes.

Trigger: Entering new rooms.

Notes: This happens on Radeons and Geforce2's but, interestingly enough, on Voodoo5's there's no pausing.

121. Name: Countermeasure Sound Bug

Problem: Sometimes countermeasures play the sound of firing a flare instead of the sound they're supposed to make.

Trigger: N/A

Notes: It doesn't happen to me anymore but it has happened on other computers... but the other computers had the same sound card so I dunno.

122. Name: Inventory Item Controller Button Bug

Problem: If you bind "use inventory item" to a controller button, and hold it down, it's only on for a brief moment.

Trigger: N/A

Notes: This makes it hard to use items like the energy->shield converter. If you have this control on the keyboard, you can just hold it down and it works fine, but as a joystick button, you have to keep tapping it.

123. Name: Headlight in Observer NOT FIXED

Problem: You can turn your headlight on and off while in observer mode.

Trigger: N/A

Notes: This is kinda weird.

124. Name: Framerate/Responsiveness Bug NOT FIXED

Problem: Controls are less responsive.

Trigger: Lower framerates.

Notes: This is the cause of bug #76 Descent3 seems to read changes in controls once every frame. That means with higher framerates, you can react a lot faster. The difference between 75fps and 140fps is highly noticeable as is the difference between 140 and 250. I tried playing with vsync on and I liked it because it was nice and smooth. I could aim a lot better. But my reaction time was a lot worse and I couldn't "skip" around as well. A possible solution might be reading from the controls once every .01 seconds or something like that. For many people the controls would seem sluggish, but it would be fair to everyone.

125. See #65

126. Name: Player Returning Problem

Problem: Neither a dedicated server nor a TELNET session will indicate if a player has returned to a game after leaving or disconnecting.

Trigger: N/A

Notes: This definitely happens in CTF. I don't know about the other MODs.

127. Name: Looping Sound End Problem NOT FIXED

Problem: Repeating sound effects shut off even when the sound is on.

Trigger: Turn the music or sfx volume all the way down to zero then back on again.

Notes: Sometimes this happens on its own too without using the trigger.

Notes: Sometimes this happens on its own too without using the trigger.

128. Name: Green/Yellow Flag Momentum Bug

Problem: When the the yellow or green flag spews in a 3 or 4 player CTF, its momentum does not slow it down as fast as the other flags.

Trigger: n/a

Notes: The yellow and green flags have different physics chunks than the red and blue ones which allows the flag to float far away from where it started. Roncli made a ctf.gam file that fixes it, but it has to be packaged with the mission. If the fix were applied to the general D3 tablefile, that would solve the problem altogether.