Auto-Download Missions

On some older yet still popular missions, the auto-download URLs no longer work. I've updated the auto-download links on a few missions and provided the new versions here. If the updated missions are run on servers, players will be able to auto-download them when joining the game. These missions are fully compatible with the originals, so players don't have to get the new version to play. The level auto-download sites also don't have to update their mission zip files (although it wouldn't hurt).

Note: Don't use for auto-download links in your levels. I only post old levels with updated auto-download links (none of which point to me). doesn't work for the following files:

All other autodownload URLs work perfectly at this time (March 18th 2003). Although some of the sites don't have some of the levels, every site active (ie. not dead) so their webmasters can fix any problems. I hope they do.