MN3 Mission Name Directory

Unfortunately most Descent 3 level archives don't list their missions by file name, but rather by the name that appears in the game. This wouldn't be a problem, but most game browsers use the mission name rather than the file name. This causes a problem in finding the file you need when the file name and its mission name differ significantly. Note that is a browser that DOES use the internal mission names.

Use this page to find the Mission names (as listed on PlanetDescent) from the file names that are listed in the games list on Kquery, Kali, and GameSpy Arcade etc... So if you see a game on Kquery, but don't have the mission, you can use this reference to find the file on PlanetDescent. Missions files (.mn3) go in the \missions directory under your main Descent 3 directory (eg. C:\Games\Descent3\missions\). You can check there (or just try to join the game) to see if you already have a particular mission or not.

241.mn3 2*4*1
3b3t.mn3 #300Baud 3 Teams
3bclassics.mn3 #300Baud Classics
3be.mn3 #300Baud Entropy
3bg.mn3 #300Baud Guardian
abend2.mn3 Abend 2
abox.mn3 Another box
alittlevein.mn3 A Little Vein
arenaofdoom.mn3 Arena Of Doom
ascent.mn3 Ascent
bedlam.mn3 Bedlam (4 Team)
brainsalad2.mn3 Brain Salad
callosity.mn3 Callosity
coliseum.mn3 Coliseum
cclassic.mn3 Core Classic
d3krakdn.mn3 D3 Krackdown
damage.mn3 Damage
echo3.mn3 ECHO III
fellowship.mn3 Fellowship
fury.mn3 Fury
halcyon.mn3 Halcyon
hellfire.mn3 Hell Fire
indika3.mn3 Burning Indika 3
kata12.mn3 Kataclysmica1.2
kegd3.mn3 Keg Party D3
mayhem.mn3 Mayhem (monsterball)
mdhall.mn3 Md Hall
moles11.mn3 Moles V1.1
nirvbox.mn3 Nirvbox
profight2.mn3 ProFight II
pyroglyphic.mn3 Pyroglyphic
runnig.mn3 Running Man
sbdkc2.mn3 Skybox [DKC]
sd.mn3 Subway Dance V1.1
shake2001pro.mn3 Earthshaker Pro 2001
skybox.mn3 Skybox
slw.mn3 Skin Like Winter
stadium.mn3 Stadium
tc.mn3 Testing Complex
vveinsentropy.mn3 Varicose Veins Entropy
vveinsguardian.mn3 Varicose Veins Guardian
waltznmatilda.mn3 Waltz'nMatilda
wordsapart.mn3 Worlds Apart
worldstogether.mn3 Worlds Together